2020 Trudges on but There are Some Bright Spots!

I saw a t-shirt made in a review style that said “2020, 1 star.  not good, would not recommend”.  This has definitely been a strange year!

I had hopes of starting a local writers club, but that was quickly stomped out due to covid.  I had wanted to find a few indie writers to join me in setting up at local shows and markets to promote our writing, but nearly every local event has been cancelled this year.  I could wallow around in self pity for the failure of my plans, or I can find the positive.  I’ll just move all of these ideas to my 2021 to do list and keep my fingers crossed that next year will be a different experience!

I did have good news this year.  As I mentioned in my last post, I have surpassed the 1,000 sales mark, and my numbers continue to tick upwards.  Always a positive.  I released a new book, The Lady and The Smuggler.  This is the first book in the Sins of the Past series.  And next month I will be releasing the second book of that series, The Reluctant Earl.  I even made my first attempt at a book trailer.  I hope you like it!

Out with 2019 and on to the Roaring 20’s!

It’s December 31, 2019.  A brand-new year dawns in just a few short hours.  It’s the time of year when we reflect on the past 365 days and plan for the next 366 (leap year) days.  This year we not only leave a year behind but also a decade.  It’s the Roaring Twenties again!

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was planning a night out, wearing my new red leather coat, black boots, black pants, all while Prince was blasting on the radio “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999.” That was just 20 years ago.  Those were the days.  Young, carefree, no mortgage.  My how times have changed.

My plans for New Year’s Eve are far different from that night.  I took today off as my last PTO day of the year.  I’ve done 4 loads of laundry, let the dog out and in at least twenty times, watched some college bowl games.  My fancy dinner consists of shrimp, rice, and a salad.  That’s from a shrimp ring, Uncle Ben’s microwavable rice, and bagged salad.  My evening plans involve finishing up my latest WIP (work in progress) and putting together a puzzle.  I’m quite the party animal!

My writing career has gone pleasantly well for 2019.  To date, I have sold 773 copies of my books.  Nowhere near enough to put me on the NY Times bestsellers list, but still enough to make me quite happy.  I was able to buy an Amish made dining room table and two of the six chairs were paid for by my book sales.  Not too shabby for a no-name indie writer.

Onto my 2020 goals!  I am hoping to be able to pay for the other four chairs.  Other than that, I am going to attempt a newsletter.  It may end up being a flop with my mom as my only subscriber, but I’ll never know until I try!  I am also going to try to start a local writer’s support group, so we can bounce ideas off one another.  Again, my mom may be the only other person in attendance, but at least I tried!

On the fun side, I follow many authors on social media and many who are best sellers and well established.  I giggle at the prospect of me ever posting a “weekend jaunt” to Milan or eating at a fancy $200 per plate restaurant or sipping a glass of wine from a $1000 bottle.  I’m in the majority of the struggling writers who have a day job, who budget, who uses coupons, who puts that awesome sweater back because I don’t really “need” it.  It made me think, why not show how I really live?  So my Instagram for 2020 will be dedicated to how an indie writer moves through life on a day to day basis.  Follow me Linda Kaye-Writer to join the fun.

My most exciting event for 2020 is gaining a kind, smart, beautiful, and wonderful daughter-in-law in October!  I can only pray that I will be a good mother in law to her.  I’m beyond proud of my son, and so happy for this couple.  May the year bring lots of joy and love for everybody!

A New Series Begins

It’s hard to believe that it has been six months since I published the last book in the Trouble With Brothers Series, and I’m so grateful for the success of the entire series!  You have no idea how much your kind words and support have meant to me.

Since I last posted, I have enjoyed summer for the few wonderful months it has graced me with its presence.  Fall is here now.  Today is rainy, cold, gray, and just yucky.  I want my summer back!  As some of you know, I also have a full-time job and finished an online course.  That took a bit of my time.  My male cat had kittens, and I learned that I cannot tell the difference between a male and a female cat.

I also made a quick trip to Alabama to visit family and friends.  Took my future daughter in law and we drank some much needed fru-fru drinks on the beach!  Speaking of my future daughter in law, she said yes to the dress and while I will not give any hints of the dress in question, you will have to trust me that she will be an absolutely stunning bride.  My son is a very lucky man.

I am now releasing the first book in my new series Secrets and Sins starting with Secret Desires.  Our hero has been wrongfully labeled as a murderer and has retreated to his own private sanctuary to avoid society’s cruel judgment.  But when he ends up hosting his friend and his friend’s beautiful sister, our hero struggles with the peaceful life he has excepted and the urge to embrace his own secret desires.

Secret desires is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and IBooks.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Series Finale is Here and No Spoilers in This Post!

The final book in The Trouble With Brothers series is finally here! I won’t be giving away any spoilers and my hashtag won’t be as cool as #DontSpoilTheEndgame but here goes…. #DontSpoilTheDukesMisgivings !

I’m so excited to share James and Isabelle’s story.  And while this set of four tales is over, I find myself finding other possible stories out of this group of characters.  Don’t be surprised if they pop up again in some way!

The Duke’s Misgivings is now available in print and ebook.  I hope you enjoy it!

Review Excitement!

I think every author that puts their work out in the public eye has a deep fear of rejection and ridicule.  You are telling the world “I have broad shoulders, I can take it,” but secretly you are terrified that your hard work will be picked apart word by word, chapter by chapter until you have zero confidence in your ability.

It’s like the fear of the first day of school, the first school dance, the first day on a new job.  Will I be accepted?  Will people like me?  Will they be mean or will they accept me for who I am?  You are at your most vulnerable.  And although you secretly pretend that it doesn’t matter, you can’t help but feel anxious.

And then it happened.  I received my first published review by a reader.   I was so thrilled!  The reader liked my work!  That person will probably never know just how much their words meant to me. It made me realize that I may not please everybody but as long as I make somebody happy, then I’ll be just fine.

Following the reader’s review, I received my first “professional” review and it was positive.  She didn’t like one of my characters, but she liked the story and said she looked forward to reading the rest of the series.  I was elated!

As I put the finishing touches on my final book in the Trouble with Brother’s series, I hold my head up and look forward to more comments and success!  I can only learn from what readers think.

Welcome to 2019!

Wow!  It’s 2019 already!  Happy New Year to all!  May this be a fantastic year filled with good health, prosperity, and happiness for 365 days to come!

I finally got around to taking all of my Christmas decorations down today.  The house looks pretty bare right now, but I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll never notice it.  I spent a little time on the treadmill this morning still trying to redeem myself from the holiday indulgence.  I’m cutting down on my Mt. Dew intake.  I’ve had one can today, which is about four less than my usual count.  We’ll have to see how far that goes.

And oh, yeah.  Over the holidays I released the third book in The Trouble With Brothers series:  The Earl’s Misdeed.  Trey does a bad thing to get revenge on his former friend Jack seducing Trey’s sister.  As Trey’s message to Jack says “Your sister for mine.”  Check it out to see what happens in this novella!

Tomorrow is the National Championship game, and as I am a HUGE Alabama fan, I have to give a Roll Tide!  It should be a good game and may the best team win.  (RTR)

Christmas is Just Around the Corner!

Christmas is just around the corner.  I’ve got the tree up, the nativity scene is out, shopping is about half done, and I’m going to work in a couple hours to pay for it all!

Been a while since I’ve posted anything.  October was a fantastic month for me.  And by big, I mean I cleared enough to pay my electric bill!  That might sound like small potatoes, but for an indie writer that is a great success.  That 59 cents per book take a while to add up, and while I’m probably not going to get rich writing, I am thrilled to have some positive numbers.

I’ve heard from quite a few people who attended my book signing or who purchased the books around that same time, and they all seem to enjoy my books.  I’ve have several asking me when the next one is coming out – which to me is the highest praise.  I’m so pleased that readers enjoy my tales!  Tell your friends about me!

I’ve started a shop on Etsy to try to get my name out and maybe pick up a few sales.  That’s a work in progress and right now it looks pretty generic.  I’ll have to play around with it to make it look more appealing.

If I don’t post anything before, I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas.  May you never be too old to watch the skies on Christmas Eve.

My First Book Signing is Saturday!

My first book signing is this Saturday, October 27th at The Pelican Coffee House in Bucyrus Ohio from 9:30am until 12pm.  I am excited, I am nervous, I am terrified that my mother will be the only person to show up!  But no matter what, it’s a step in the right direction to getting my name out there.

For those who don’t know, an indie writer puts on a lot of hats.  Publisher, editor, social media expert, marketer, literary agent, designer, oh, and let’s not forget, the writer. If I stumble along the way, I hope my readers forgive me.  I’ve got a lot to learn in this world, but if I don’t at least try, I’ll never know what is successful and what isn’t.

The Trouble With Brothers Book Two Available Now!

The Duke’s Mistake is now available for sale!  Jack is the wildest one of the group.  His mother fears he will never change his wicked ways, and his friends delight in his latest escapade.  But during his latest adventure, he inadvertently falls in love.  However, given his reputation, the lady who stole his heart doubts his intentions and for the first time in his life, Jack must fight to win a lady.

This series is turning into one of my favorites.  Growing up with an older brother, I am well aware of how annoying the creatures can be at times.   And yet for all of their short comings, they do mean well.

In other exciting news, I am counting down to my first book signing.  Less than two weeks to go.  I’m excited to meet new faces, and I’m  terrified that my mother and my sister will be the only ones who attend!

My Latest Release

Here we go!  The Viscount’s Mishap is now available on Amazon, B & N, ibooks, Kobo, Smashwords, for your reading pleasure.  This is the first book of the Trouble With Brothers Series, and I even though I am a bit biased, I love this series!

Parker is the handsome, devil may care rake.  Kit is the reformed rogue.  Jack is the one who terrifies and excites all who encounter him – even his name is a scandal.  James is the intriguing one – society knows he’s wild but he fits into their world like a glove.  And then there is Trey.  The darling of the aristocracy.   Society flocks to him as the perfect potential husband for their daughters, the perfect example for their sons to look up to.  Yet his friends scoff at his reputation knowing him better than anybody else.

The trouble is that all five of these wild and reckless men have sisters, and they are determined to protect their siblings from any man who comes close to their own reputation at all costs.  But in their efforts, they stumble into the very traps they have vowed to avoid.