Review Excitement!

I think every author that puts their work out in the public eye has a deep fear of rejection and ridicule.  You are telling the world “I have broad shoulders, I can take it,” but secretly you are terrified that your hard work will be picked apart word by word, chapter by chapter until you have zero confidence in your ability.

It’s like the fear of the first day of school, the first school dance, the first day on a new job.  Will I be accepted?  Will people like me?  Will they be mean or will they accept me for who I am?  You are at your most vulnerable.  And although you secretly pretend that it doesn’t matter, you can’t help but feel anxious.

And then it happened.  I received my first published review by a reader.   I was so thrilled!  The reader liked my work!  That person will probably never know just how much their words meant to me. It made me realize that I may not please everybody but as long as I make somebody happy, then I’ll be just fine.

Following the reader’s review, I received my first “professional” review and it was positive.  She didn’t like one of my characters, but she liked the story and said she looked forward to reading the rest of the series.  I was elated!

As I put the finishing touches on my final book in the Trouble with Brother’s series, I hold my head up and look forward to more comments and success!  I can only learn from what readers think.

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