Preparing for a new release

I’ve had my Trouble with Brothers series swimming around in my head for a very long time.  I had wrote little snippets and ideas for the series over the past couple of years, but I finally sat down and began to formulate a plan for it.  And now I am just about ready to release it!

As a new indie writer, I am still trying to find my way around formatting a book to look professional, and I am quite happy with the finished look of The Viscount’s Mishap.  I can’t afford a professional service, so it’s all up to me and perhaps those MS Office classes will come in handy!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this novella.  Parker and Anna have such a good story to tell and I’m happy to be the one to put it on paper!

The Life of An Indie Writer

Ah, the life of an indie writer!  It’s tough to get your name out there.  You don’t want to shove your books down your family and friends’ throat.  You try to build a social media following.  You ask your friends to “Just Share” your posts or tweets every once in a while.  You watch your sales dashboards like a mother hen.

That first sale!  Oh wow!  What excitement!  The first twitter or facebook or instagram follower that you don’t know is so exciting!  You study marketing methods.  You weigh the costs of the professional services against that fifty-nine cents per paperback that you make.  (Yes, you read that correctly!  Paperback books do not make an author rich).  You wonder how much time and energy you should put into all of this and then you remember.

You write because you love to write and you have a story to tell.  If I sell one copy or one million copies, I have written a book and that is something many people can never say.  So I keep plugging away, because I enjoy this and hopefully soon my name will be out there and others will enjoy what I do as well!