Welcome to 2019!

Wow!  It’s 2019 already!  Happy New Year to all!  May this be a fantastic year filled with good health, prosperity, and happiness for 365 days to come!

I finally got around to taking all of my Christmas decorations down today.  The house looks pretty bare right now, but I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll never notice it.  I spent a little time on the treadmill this morning still trying to redeem myself from the holiday indulgence.  I’m cutting down on my Mt. Dew intake.  I’ve had one can today, which is about four less than my usual count.  We’ll have to see how far that goes.

And oh, yeah.  Over the holidays I released the third book in The Trouble With Brothers series:  The Earl’s Misdeed.  Trey does a bad thing to get revenge on his former friend Jack seducing Trey’s sister.  As Trey’s message to Jack says “Your sister for mine.”  Check it out to see what happens in this novella!

Tomorrow is the National Championship game, and as I am a HUGE Alabama fan, I have to give a Roll Tide!  It should be a good game and may the best team win.  (RTR)